OG Youtube APK Change logs with new features included!

OG youtube is the best youtube downloader available so far for all the android devices. Because it has many interesting features and also very easy to use. The main thing is it is 100% free to download and use with all features included in it. OG youtube is similar to official youtube app present in android devices, the main difference is it has a download button at the end of each video. And also all the features in official youtube apk are also included in it. With OG youtube we can download videos in any quality and also in any format. In this post we are going to discuss about the change-logs of OG youtube apk up to the latest v2.0 version.

og youtube change logs

Latest OGYouTube v2.0 – 05/05/2016

  • Base updated to YouTube 11.16.62.
  • The pop-up issue in Marshmallow devices fixed.
  • The chromecast issue is fixed.
  • Some of download problems faced by some users.
  • Download speed increased by 5 times.
  • Many of the bug fixes and improvements included.

Download OG Youtube v2.0

OGYoutube v1.2 – 13/01/2016

  • Supports latest android Marshmallow.
  • The download issues with some videos fixed.
  • Bug fixes and improvements included.

Download OG Youtube v1.2

OGYoutube v1.1 – 22/11/2015

  • Base updated to YouTube 10.45.53.
  • Download user interface improved.
  • New automatic feature is added to go to background automatically.
  • Video download issues with some videos fixed.
  • The default quality issue is fixed.
  • And also many bug fixes and improvements.

Download OG Youtube v1.1

OGYouTube v1.0 – 16/08/2015

  • Downloading 60FPS is supporting.
  • Download button is added to videos menu.
  • Can hide download button.
  • Can rename videos before download them.
  • The quality of last download video will be selected for future downloads.
  • Fix some bugs with merging.
  • Notification issues are fixed.
  • The default quality problem fixed.
  • Fixed the login issues.

Download OG Youtube v1.0

OGYoutube v0.9 beta release – 17/04/2015

  • Base updated to 10.13.54.
  • Can remove ads in the app.
  • Can clear downloads.
  • Can set “Default screen”.
  • Can set “Default quality”.
  • Download settings added.
  • Background  playback is added.
  • Mp3 download issues fixed.
  • Other bug fixes.

Download OG Youtube v0.9

Credits for developing

OG Youtube apk was developed by OGMods (ogmods.net). We should need thank the developer for this great app and also distributing for free.


OG YouTube v2.0 [11.62.62] officially free download for Android

OG YouTube is the best youtube video and also the audio downloader available for android devices. Because it is very similar to the official OG YouTube app and it’s with a download button below the videos. OG Youtube can download videos with a one click to the phone memory in quality and in any format.

og youtube

In general actually it is very much similar to the official YouTube app in your android device. So it’s very easy to use. The only main difference is it has a download button at the end of every video. And also it is with many more interesting features.

Download OG Youtube Apk

og youtube

Download OGYouTube app officially from the above link. Latest version available is v2.0 (11.62.62)

Features of OG YouTube

  • Multiple downloads at the same time.
  • Watch videos in popups and also in background.
  • Can watch videos when screen is off.
  • Can play videos in any quality (140p – 2080p)
  • Can download youtube videos in Mp3 format.
  • Can download videos with subtitles.
  • Can download videos in quality (140p – 2080p)
  • To exit the video press back button twice.
  • And many more interesting features!

How to disable official YouTube App

If you wish to use OG Youtube app then actually there is no use of official YouTube app present in your phone so it’s better to uninstall it from the phone. Because both of them are very same and OGYouTube have a download button. Follow below steps to disable official YouTube client.

  • Settings > Applications > Application manager > YouTube > Then click on “DISABLE” button.
  • If not you can delete it if you have root access.

What’s New in Latest v2.0?

  • Base updated to YouTube 11.16.62.
  • The popup issue in latest android 6.0 marshmallow is fixed.
  • The issue with chromcast is fixed.
  • Some minor download issues fixed.
  • Now chunk download is supporting (download speed is 5 times faster).
  • Many of the bugs in older version was fixed and with many improvements.


OG youtube was developed by OGmods.net. We do not hold any copyrights regarding this app.